Technical University of Denmark, Centre for Electric Technology

DTU has been involved in wind energy technology since the 1970´s, and it is among the world’s leading universities within this field.

Centre for Electric Technology was established in 2005. The mission is to develop a more intelligent, flexible and automated electric power system to handle the extension of the future renewable energy including wind power on a liberal energy market maintaining a very high degree of reliability of supply.

The centre offers courses related to wind power and the specialisation Wind Energy. The objective is to give you a general understanding of wind energy systems as well as profound insights into electrical technologies related to wind energy. The centre cooperates with the electric power industry including the wind turbine manufacturers.

Relevant wind power courses - examples
Introductory project - Electrotechnology
Emerging Energy Technologies
Electrical Machines in Wind Power Systems
Integration of wind power in the power system
Wind Turbine Measurement Technique
Wind Turbine Technology and Aerodynamics

Please refer to DTU's course catalogue for a complete overview of courses offered.

Further information

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Jacob Østergaard
DTU Electrical Engineering