Aarhus University: Institute of Business and Technology

AU-IBT is situated in Herning in the western part of Denmark and offers undergraduate and graduate study programmes in engineering, business economics, management and business languages - all at the same institution. The study programmes are based on interaction across professional boundaries as well as close interaction with students and the surrounding business community. Furthermore, all of the study programmes have an innovative and international perspective.

AU-IBT has more than 2,000 students (about one half is full-time, the other part time), ands approximately 40% of our students spend at least six months of their period of study at a foreign engineering college, university or company.

AU-IBT offers the following full-time engineering study programmes:
Bachelor of Science in Global Management and Manufacturing
Bachelor of Science in Electronic Design Engineering
Master of Science in Engineering in Technology Based Business Development

Furthermore AU-IBT offers a Bachelor of Science in Business Development that is taught in Danish.

Further information

Please contact AU-IBT at:
E-mail: info@hih.au.dk
Tel: +45 9720 8311