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Wind with Miller

Mon, Feb 7 2011 05:52pm CET 1

March Wells
2 Posts
I was directed to this website through Project Lead The Way to find an activity called Wind With Miller. I cannot find such a thing. Any suggestions? Thanks.
Mon, Feb 7 2011 07:09pm CET 2
Anders Dalegaard,  Contact at Talent Factory
Anders Dalegaard, Contact at Talent Factory
10 Posts
You can find the Wind With Miller at Enjoy :-)
Tue, Feb 8 2011 03:37pm CET 3

March Wells
2 Posts
Thanks. I will give that a try.
Mon, Feb 21 2011 09:26am CET 4
venkata srikanth alla
venkata srikanth alla
1 Posts
Hai sir,

Dis is srikanth... please update site selection for wind energy.its helpful for new devlopers.

Venkata Srikanth Alla,
Senior engineer- wind projects & Electrical,
Shalivahana Green Energy Limited,
94, 7th floor, Minerva Complex,
S.D Road, Secunderabad – 500 003
Mobile: +91-8897799897,9391540277
Tel: +91-40-27846420, +91-40-66387720/21
Telefax: +91-40-66310072
Tue, May 3 2011 09:40pm CEST 5
David Yon
David Yon
1 Posts
I'm also looking for some help with the Wind with Miller link. I believe [] was up and running before, but for some reason it is down. Does anyone have any answers to whether the link is officially down or if there is an alternate link for the website? A speedy reply would be greatly appreciated! Thank You.

David Yon
Tue, Jul 12 2011 10:47am CEST 6
Manoj Kumar Dhanasekar
Manoj Kumar Dhanasekar
1 Posts
i'm manoj
Can any body expalin the resaon for no load loss in the synchronous generator(wind application), also is there any relationship between the magnetic flux and the no load loss

Wed, Feb 1 2012 07:26pm CET 7

Mariah Campbell
1 Posts
this dont help me at all]

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