Market leader in oil filtration system for wind turbines with more than 50.000 filters installed in worldwide!
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C.C. JENSEN is a global leader in off-line filtration, with a deep knowledge of the conditions in wind turbines.

We co-operate with leading manufacturers and know the importance of each system being operational when needed: a turbine’s earnings depend directly on it.

Effective depth filtration is key in order to maintain the oil in hydraulic, gear and other systems. CJC removes solid particles, oxidation by-products and condensation from oil. Research and our field experience shows that the lifetime of equipment can be extended by up to 6 times or more. A considerable reduction in the number of stops caused by oil contamination is always reached.

CJC Fine Filters are well-known for their high dirt-holding capacity. CJC Filter systems are environmentally friendly, cellulose-based, 3-micron depth filters custom designed for any oil volume or flow and supplied for new-build or retro-fit purposes.

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