We give high priority to innovative thinking combined with economic awareness in the creation of new wind farms!
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Ramboll Wind Energy is part of the Ramboll Group, one of the leading European providers of knowledge services within a broad specialisation operating globally in the main business segments of engineering, management and IT. The Ramboll Group employs 6,500 people world wide.

Within the wind department we offer multidisciplinary consulting services within all phases of a wind project. One of our core competencies are structural design for offshore installations. Ramboll Wind Energy is the world record holder in the design of offshore wind turbine foundations, with a total of 224 individually designed monopiles and 16 concrete GBS in seven offshore wind farms.

Ramboll Wind Energy is considered a trusted and experienced partner and our main purpose is to provide solutions that make a difference. Our extensive experience and long lasting concern for the environment are typical factors that affect our consultancy services in all projects.

We give high priority to innovative thinking combined with economic awareness in the creation of new wind farms.

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