A2SEA is installing and maintaining offshore wind farms
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A2SEA offers integrated installation and service solutions for the offshore wind industry. Since 2002, our specialised fleet of two semi-jacked vessels and two jack-ups has installed more than 700 turbines and 300 foundations on the world’s offshore wind market.
Many of our techniques and processes are setting standards for best practice throughout offshore wind, providing solutions that can help bring down the cost per MW of clean energy.

An essential link in the offshore wind value chain
Before foundations, wind turbines and cables are in place, an offshore wind project demands the planning skills, process knowhow and experience of qualified people who can guarantee the job gets done. Our project teams are adept at pulling together all the pieces of the installation puzzle to ensure that every project comes in safely, on time, and to budget – and we have a ten-year track record to prove it.

Planning down to the smallest detail
Before mobilising a single crew-member, we prepare all the necessary approvals, plan the supply chain and carry out a seabed assessment to make sure it’s stable enough to bear the weight of our jack-ups in action.
Once a project is underway, our jack-ups can provide full-board accommodation for all offshore personnel involved in the installation, making it easy to coordinate operations between the various contractors onboard.

Optimising our processes from project to project
On every project, we examine and document each of our processes in detail, looking for ways to make improvements, however small. From project to project, these add up to gains in time and cost that we can pass on to our customers. Because we are so familiar with the seabed conditions, wind turbine components and how long each operation takes, our risk management is both detailed and reliable.

The A2SEA offshore wind package
A2SEA has the experience, knowhow and equipment to ensure our customers get an installation package tailored to the specific needs of their offshore wind projects. Working closely with our key customers, we develop solutions that meet the demands of the market and, ultimately, help bring down the cost of clean energy.

Headquartered in Fredericia, Denmark, A2SEA is never far from the action in northern European offshore wind. And with additional offices in Germany and the UK, we are easy to contact – and always ready to listen to your business needs.

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