Sabah Al-khayat

43 years old
Current Status
Development Engineer/project Engineer, within Wind Power System/ Oil & Gas
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    Bachelor Electrical Power Engineering
    University / Institute
    South Danish University
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    Development Engineer
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Electrical Power Engineer

Mobile No: 31 51 32 30

I Sabah Al-Khayat, 42 years old, electrical power engineer educated at South Danish University th.19th of June 2007. Appling a job in Denmark or in the Middle East.

It was a good idea to educate myself again here in Denmark as an Electrical power engineer, because it was not easy to get work based on my previous education (diploma in technical Machines).

My wish is that I can get a job in a big company, and would like to develop myself further through the work.

One month after bachelor examines I got a job at a consulting engineering company under the title El. and Power Engineer in Copenhagen (Herlev).

A year later I got a new challenge job as Power / Project Engineer at ABB, oil and gas department in Esbjerg.

After 2 years working at ABB, I had an opportunity to develop my skills by working within the wind industry with Vestas in Aarhus as a development engineer.

28th February 2011 and after the last system on Vestas, made because closures of several local factories in Denmark, I stand now as vacant.

at the current time I have a time to read different electrical engineering books and some times work as a car mechanical, because this gives me both the movement and keep the routines as I was always under and above that I love working.

As an engineer here in Denmark, my duties were different from day to day but the work done as it should.

The long driving Kilo Meters as I had during 5 years working was no problem because I always have to be ready for the new work day and I am.

Salaries and money plays no major role in my job search, simply it is to be acceptable, what matters most is the working environment and the chemistry between the employer and an employee.

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