Aalborg University: Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

The research and educational activities at the Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering, Aalborg University are centered on the principal objective defined as the achievement of excellence in Engineering Design of Mechanical Systems and Industrial Products. The Department possesses a strong knowledge base in the following three specific key areas of competence:

1. Materials Science and Engineering
2. Mechanics and Design of Structures
3. Computer-Aided Engineering Design and Product Development.

The Department provides teaching and tutoring covering the full range of mechanics for engineering students enrolled under several curricula offered by the Faculty of Engineering, Science and Medicine at AAU. In particular, the Department is responsible for the special curriculum Design of Mechanical Systems (DMS, in Danish also known as `Maskinkonstruktion’) at Bachelor’s and Master’s level.

The collaboration with the Danish wind turbine industry includes many research and students projects, and a broad range of problems in Mechanical Engineering have been studied. In recent years, much focus has been on composite and sandwich structures related to wind turbine blades, finite element methods, and design optimization.

Further information

More information can be found on the study boards website: www.industri.aau.dk and on the department website: www.m-tech.aau.dk

For further information you are most welcome to contact:
Sidse Westesen (study-board secretary)
E-mail: swe@me.aau.dk
Tel: +45 9940 9309

Professor Erik Lund
E-mail: el@m-tech.aau.dk 
Tel: +45 9940 9312