Aalborg University: Department of Energy Technology

At the Department of Energy Technology research and education are carried out in a broad field of Energy Technology, which covers both Thermal and Electrical Energy Technology.

The core focus is on six competence areas:

  • Electric Power Systems
  • Thermal Energy Systems 
  • Power Electronic Systems
  • Fluid Mechanics and Combustion
  • Electrical Machines
  • Fluid Power and Mechatronic Systems

The Department of Energy Technology conducts research in all competence areas including a number of multi-disciplinary research programmes, such as Automotive and Industrial Drives, Fuel Cell Systems, Photovoltaic Systems and Micro Grids, Wind Power Systems, Biomass and Modern Power Systems. The research programmes are carried out in cooperation with both the industry and other research institutions.

Educational programmes
The Department of Energy Technology at Aalborg University is focused on educating talented and highly qualified B.Sc.’s and M.Sc.’s, and IET has six M.Sc. specialisations among which the students are free to choose:
Electrical Power Systems and High Voltage Engineering – students of this specialisation will be competent within production, transmission, distribution and utilisation of electrical energy. Moreover, they will be able to apply different methods of analysis and synthesis for design and simulation of various electrical energy systems.
Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Technology – graduates of this specialisation will be competent in energy system modelling, heat and mass transfer, control engineering and experimental work, different hydrogen and fuel cell related components and energy system aspects.
Mechatronic Control Engineering – the keywords here are: synergistic combination of mechanical, electronic, control and computer engineering. The key factor is the integration of these areas during the design process. Among others, this programme teaches students to create and control mechatronic systems and products and develop communication with team members from other disciplines.
Power Electronics and Drives – this specialisation combines state-of-the-art technologies with conventional technologies, for example power semiconductor devices, electronics, electro-magnetics, digital signal processors, control theory, EMC and energy technology. Graduates from this specialisation will be competent in efficient and intelligent energy conversion employing power electronic technology and electrical machines.
Thermal Energy and Process Engineering – this specialisation is primarily focused on thermal energy technologies and systems, and it covers advanced aspects of energy system modelling, heat- and mass transfer, control engineering and experimental work with focus on different components and energy system aspects. Graduates will have the ability to design new, innovative energy technologies and systems.
Wind Power Systems – this specialisation focuses on the electrical aspects of wind power systems ensuring an excellent education in subjects such as generators, power electronics, control engineering and power system technology related to wind power applications. This provides graduates with an excellent background for engineering employment in the wind industry.

The Esbjerg Institute of Technology under AAU also offers a masters in Environmental Technology and Management.

The educational programmes are founded in research-based teaching, applying the latest technologies. Students are taught in an innovative, dynamic and challenging environment through a combination of research-based courses, team-based project work and a high degree of interaction with industrial partners and energy supply companies.A degree from the Department of Energy Technology at Aalborg University ensures graduates a high-level education of the best standard and prepares them for the engineering challenges of the future in the wind industry.

Further information

For further information please visit the website: www.iet.aau.dk or contact one of the following persons:

Professor John K. Pedersen
Head of the Department and Associate
E-mail: jkp@iet.aau.dk
Tel: +45 9940 9264

Associate Professor Birgitte Bak-Jensen
E-mail: bbj@iet.aau.dk
Tel: +45 9940 9274