University of Southern Denmark: Faculty of Engineering

The University of Southern Denmark continually targets its research and study programmes at accommodating society’s need for contemporary and relevant competences. Through The Talent Factory, the University of Southern Denmark can exchange these competences with the wind turbine industry – e.g. within design, regulation, monitoring, construction and many others areas of expertise.

The University of Southern Denmark strives to be both regionally rooted and globally oriented and to create an efficient synergy within research, education and industrial collaboration. In practice, this results in numerous ways of cooperation between the university, other educational and research institutions and industry – both on Funen, in the rest of Denmark and internationally.

The Faculty of Engineering offers a wide array of educations in engineering. The Environmental Engineering master and bachelor programmes are especially interesting. Read more about these.

All engineering students repeatedly develop projects in cooperation with industry and an internship period is mandatory for the Bachelors of Engineering. All in all that results in engineers who are ready to transform knowledge into action – from day one on the job.

Read more about the courses offered at the Faculty of Engineering here.

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